‘Thriller 40’ Out Now!

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‘Thriller 40’ Out Now!

After six months of waiting the day has finally come, “Thriller 40” is in the hands of the fans and general public! Stream the complete album and buy it today!

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The 34 track album starts with the original 9 songs that propelled the 1982 “Thriller” album to become the biggest selling album of all time. It then goes straight into the rarer tracks, kicking it off with “Starlight,” the original “Thriller” demo. The rarer tracks are:

  1. Starlight
  2. Got the Hots – Demo
  3. Who Do You Know – Demo
  4. Carousel
  5. Behind The Mask – Mike’s Mix (Demo)
  6. Can’t Get Outta The Rain
  7. The Toy – Demo
  8. Sunset Driver – Demo
  9. What A Lovely Way To Go – Demo
  10. She’s Trouble – Demo

The tracks that follow include remixes, edits and alternate versions of tracks from the original album. It ends with a megamix of the original album.

We’ve all been very excited to hear the unheard tracks. Due to age old leaks, previously released material, or newer versions being released, there’s only two fully new tracks that we have never heard any version of before. That’s “Who Do You Know” and “What A Lovely Way To Go.” The former certainly seems like the standout track from this collection.

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