‘Sonic Fantasy’ Available For A Limited Time

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‘Sonic Fantasy’ Available For A Limited Time

While we eagerly await the release of the official “Thriller” documentary by the Estate, there’s another captivating documentary available for a limited time only.

Sonic Fantasy” is an independent film crafted by director and longtime Michael Jackson fan, Marcos Cabotá. This 90-minute documentary delves into the remarkable journey of Bruce Swedien, Michael’s longtime recording engineer. Focused primarily on the creation of the iconic “Thriller” album, the film explores Swedien’s revolutionary work in shaping its groundbreaking sound, which forever transformed the music industry. Notable figures such as Brad Buxer, Greg Phillinganes, Steve Porcaro, Freddy DeMann, Matt Forger, Jerry Hey, Brad Sundberg, and many others provide insightful commentary.

For a limited time, until June 1st, you can enjoy this documentary online for free. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the film by clicking here.

Bruce Swedien played an instrumental role in all of Michael’s solo albums, starting from his 1979 debut “Off the Wall” to his final masterpiece “Invincible” in 2001. In 2009, Swedien shared his extensive experiences working with Michael in his book “In the Studio with Michael Jackson.” Sadly, Bruce Swedien passed away in November 2020, leaving behind an unforgettable legacy in the world of music.

Watch the trailer for Sonic Fantasy:

Update May 27th, 2023
The Vimeo video is now password protected. Request the password directly from the film’s director Marcus Cabotá.

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