Michael Hits Multiple Billboard Charts

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Michael Hits Multiple Billboard Charts

It’s been a week since Halloween, a season that’s closely associated with Michael Jackson. With the #thrillerchallenge, Zombie flash dances around the world and general ghoulish fun, it’s no surprise Michael has made an appearance in multiple charts.


On the Billboard Hot 100 the single “Thriller” entered at number 26 this week. This is the ninth time it’s charted on the Billboard Hot 100 since its original release in 1983 where it peaked at number four. This year makes the fifth consecutive year for the song to re-chart.

The album “Thriller” is no stranger to the Billboard 200 as it regularly makes appearances on there. This weeks marks the albums 546th week on the chart over the course of its forty year history. This Halloween season has driven sales and streams of the album up dramatically, entering the top 20 again at number 19. This makes it the highest position its got to in the 21st Century. It would have likely returned to the top spot when Michael died in 2009 (and potentially previously with the release of “Thriller 25”), however at the time re-releases were not eligible for the Billboard 200. This has since changed.

All of this has grown Michael’s popularity generally. He entered the Billboards Artist 100 chart at number 21 this week. That chart was launched in 2014 and┬ácombines performance across the Hot 100 chart, the Billboard 200 album chart, and the Internet-centric Social 50 chart.

Amazon, Spotify & iTunes

Throughout the week, Michael hit the top spot on Amazon’s Best Sellers, as well as number one on Apple Music. He also entered the top 10 on the iTunes chart. “Thriller” became the 9th most downloaded digital song of the week, and 19th streamed overall. On Spotify Michael gained 5 million more listeners taking his monthly average to 37 million and making him the 57th most streamed artist in the world on that platform.

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