John Branca Addresses Tribute Cancellation

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John Branca Addresses Tribute Cancellation

John Branca, Co-Executor of the Michael Jackson Estate, has released a video on TikTok damning ABC TV for cancelling the Michael Jackson tribute that was due to be performed by Chris Brown and Ciara at the AMA’s last night. He said:

“There’s something wrong at ABC. How do you pull a performance of Chris Brown and Ciara? They gave an award to Chris Brown for Best R&B Artist. He’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest, living in the world today; and the tribute they would have done to Michael Jackson, the greatest performer who ever lived, would have been epic. It’s what people wanted to see.

So what’s ABC thinking? They’re cancelling black music? Or they think ok they put our friend Lionel Richie on, but they’re not putting on Chris and Ciara?

They should be ashamed of themselves.

And especially since it’s a tribute to the 40th anniversary of “Thriller.” The biggest selling album and the greatest album of all time.

Instead ABC did what?

Maybe Disney should stick to cartoons. Perhaps they don’t belong in the music business.”

Watch the video below:

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